Jim Wynne

Spokane-City Group

Windermere Real Estate/City Group, LLC

1237 W Summit Pkwy., Suite B

Spokane, WA 99201

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Office: (509) 323-2323

Mobile: (509) 270-7779

Fax: (509) 466-3610



Website: http://jimwynne.withwre.com


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My Background

Spokane native, husband and father. BA in Business Administration. Previous US Air Force and Air National Guard pilot and commander. More than 20 years residential real estate experience as a broker and agent.

My Mission Statement

Serve Spokane and Inland Northwest sellers and future residents with "Integrity - Service - Results!"

Truths...The Distinguishable Foundation For My Success

(1) I believe that people are more important than houses. (2) I always start with the client's point-of-view. (3) I solve people's needs while fulfilling their wants. (4) I know everything about my neighborhood and community. (5) I understand that a house is a box where people do their living. (It is where memories are made and lives take place.) (6) I am a citizen-agent and a central part of the fabric of my community. (7) I ease and guide the home buying and selling processes and transform the leap of faith to a step of faith. (8) I am a facilitator, counselor, expert and hand-holder, which is so much more than an agent. (9) I protect my clients by educating them and negotiating on their behalf. (10) I am an entrepreneur. (11) I am creating a cause which is way more than building a business. (12) I am helping create a vibrant, livable and humane community. (13) My ability to provide consumers with an incredible experience makes me a great real estate agent.